02.09.17 08:18 PM By Nigel Grant

Working Back of House

Starting Back of House is something I have been talking about for a while; when my wife said that she wanted to open a a little tearoom over 4 years ago, I never thought this is the direction it would take me. Its been a hell of a ride but I have loved everyday (nearly!!).

I am a systems and processes person and get my thrills from using technology to help with all of these, especially when it makes life easier and more automated.

We have tried and tested many different tech tools in our business and always found one to suit our requirements. I know people don't always have the same passion or dedication that I do when looking at these things so I have always been determined to find and implement tools that are easy to use and make life simpler.

Having spent many hours chatting to various app developers of all the tools we have ever used, some of them have encourage me to write a blog about it. However, writing has never been my thing and I'm sure if I dug out a few of my ancient school reports they would probably all say exactly that!

Anyway, what I though was important and what I want everyone to know who deals with us is that  Back of House has been founded on pure passion for the technology side of the business. The back of house in any hospitality business is never pretty and involves loads of hard work and unsocial hours. Most people who start businesses in this industry have immense passion for food and flavour. All I want to do is help those people with the mundane so that they can concentrate on the things they love.

Nigel Grant