Tea Drinker Extraordinaire | Head Honcho | Chief Bottle Washer

"Back of House is my favourite place. Here I can combine the two elements of experience and technology. Sharing them with other businesses to improve processes and automation."

In systems I find stability, control, knowledge and comfort. This is true for all aspects of my life both personal and professional. I find having a system in all things, my personal life included, frees up time for family, exercise and friends; while professionally it has led to Back of House, a company born of the need to find a better way to control and run a busy hospitality business. 

My wife and I opened our café/restaurant in 2014, it was in truth my wife’s adventure which she dragged me along on (more willingly than I might admit) and what became very apparent very quickly is that if we didn’t control it, it would most certainly control us, which it did for a number of months! Staff schedules and timesheet, stock ordering, menu management, accounts, table reservation, HACCP management and regulations, social media, marketing, advertising….the exhausting list goes on and on and on. And in the middle of all of that you have to remain creative, welcoming and hospitable, not an easy task for anyone. As we struggled to put order on these pressures I, unbeknown to myself, unlocked a passion for business software systems and solutions which allowed us to work more on our business rather than in it. Over time, colleagues in the industry asked for my assistance to implement similar solutions for them and before I knew it my passion was no longer just a personal journey but also a professional one too and Back of House was born. 

Prior to my hospitality career taking off I worked for Glanbia Ireland, part of my role was to develop an eCommerce trading platform, after which I was appointed Digital eCommerce Manager for the CountryLife brand & project lead for the development of a digital channel for Agribusiness. 

This experience, married with the knowledge gained during our restaurant days has given me and the team invaluable insight into both the hospitality and retail industries and has help inform the decisions we have made about the most important areas of focus for Back of House.

As a result, since 2017, we have partnered with the most progressive, innovative and exciting global software companies to develop a basket of solutions that allow business owners and managers, just like us, take control of their lives. We make it our mission and everyday work to implement software solutions into hospitality, retail and small production businesses which gives our customers total control of their information, epos, accounts, table reservations, HACCP, stock control & ordering. We back up these solutions with expert advice, 24-hour support and real-life industry knowledge and experience and a personal commitment to never sell you something that we don’t 100% believe you need.